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A Property

This term is in the "new" area - implementation feedback and adoption from applications and websites can help improve our definitions.
The GS1 digital link associated with the object. This URL should conform to the particular requirements of digital links. The link should only contain the Application Identifiers (AIs) that are relevant for the entity being annotated, for instance a Product or an Organization, and for the correct granularity. In particular, for products:
  • A Digital Link that contains a serial number (AI 21) should only be present on instances of IndividualProduct
  • A Digital Link that contains a lot number (AI 10) should be annotated as SomeProduct if only products from that lot are sold, or IndividualProduct if there is only a specific product.
  • A Digital Link that contains a global model number (AI 8013) should be attached to a Product or a ProductModel.
Other item types should be adapted similarly.

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